Thursday, May 13, 2010

What came out in the wash

I had a surprise when I took the farm cloth out of the washer/dryer (it is all one machine). The denim made these interesting pointy things on the sides, and on the bottom edge:
It did this!  After I get the loose threads tacked down, I'll wash it in my neighbor's machine with fabric softener and see if the denim behaves differently.  I like those funny points.  Jude's cloth to cloth class starts Saturday and I'm very very much looking forward to it.

This is Agnes at the dog park with her gigantic Mother's Day Biscuit, presented to her by her friend Pat.  She worked her way laboriously and lovingly through about half of it, then a Big Dog sauntered over and in one quick bite, swallowed the remainder.  Agnes was a little perplexed...she didn't see it minute it was there, and when she looked back it was gone, but it didn't spoil her day one bit.  She looked up at Pat and wagged her tail and pretty soon she had another homemade biscuit to gnaw on.


  1. Oh, your Agnes is stealing my heart! I'm so happy that her joy was restored to her without her even realizing what had happened. If only our own losses could be so quickly redeemed!! And I love your pointy things, too. I think the accidents in art are often more wonderful than our intentions! I am making a dragon at present. I intended to use an old one I had already designed, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Because I have been forced to design a new one from scratch, I find I am adding some interesting details the first one did not have, including an arrowhead-shaped pointy tail. Hmmmm. A little bit like your "pointy things," now that I think about it!! xo Kari

  2. yes, that is the famous denim curl. i love that....

  3. Hi Suzanna, in my slacker younger years I used to just cut my jeans to the right length, wash & let curl. Love denim - its colours,the softness it wears down to. I'm watching this piece with much interest.

  4. I love the surprises that come from the wash...
    Once I forgot to put the wash on "gentle" and I had thrown in a bunch of fabric scraps...when I pulled the fabric from the wash it look like a string of fish! It was so tangled but, perfectly tangled...It took me forever to pull it all apart! lol! Your little Agnes is adorable!

  5. Dear Kari, Jude, Elizabeth and Marie,

    Blogspot won't let me (or I haven't figured out how to) reply to comments individually unless I catch them right when they come in, so here are just a few words to say thank you for visiting! It's very heartwarming that posting pictures of the unfinished pieces and their imperfections brings so many warm thoughts my way. Right now it's 4 a.m. here and how lovely to have your congenial encouragements waiting for me.

    Kari, I look forward to seeing the have perfectly expressed the good side of not being able to find an older design! Jude, thank you for giving a name to this phenomenon; I am appreciating a hint of empathy and glad to know I'm not really a pioneer. Elizabeth, thanks for reminding me of my blue jean days...I don't like shopping, especially for larger sizes, too much, but I miss my blue jeans and need a new pair. Marie, that wash tangle is so familiar...I'm a relative newcomer to a home washer...I'll try the "handwash" cycle for scraps and tangly things. Thanks!

    Agnes would say hello to all but she is snoring away in the darkness, a comforting sound.

  6. two of my favorite things are denim and chocolate, both make great curls :D I am wondering what happened to the raindrops in the wash? can't wait to see where this piece is going...I like the idea of "farmcloth",,,furrows,,,ridges,,,rows,,,woven fences,,,fields of color,,,a patchwork of life lived with the earth

  7. I love the connection between demin and chocolate!! The raindrops did well in the surprised me...I'm about to add another element to the cloth and will post when it's stable...everything takes a long time! Thanks for visiting.