Saturday, August 24, 2013

One month later

Hello everyone.  Well, I never thought it would take me so long to get back here!  But I've made some progress.  I did do some shop updating and more is to come.  I've been trying to clean up and reorganize whenever possible, and with that in mind I bought a New Broom:

In the gardening department (as you can see there are lots of apples)...I bought my very first lemon tree.  It's in a big half-barrel that my neighbor who passed away left behind.  This little tree has produced its first sign of what's to come...a wee flower bud!

Darling Gilly chewed a hole in the sofa cushion, so I found a new slip has purple in it!  It didn't look purple in the photos on the web, but now I find that I rather like it, and so does Gilly, plus it goes with the mohair throw!  So far so good with the chewing on it behavior...that is, the not chewing on it behavior. 

Here is a stitchery horse I've been working on.  While I've never owned a horse, the idea of them brings me great joy and when I'm feeling rather lost, it helps me to make images of them.  The little cows are from a pair of old worn out socks, and the things in the sky are fireflies, meaning to express gratitude for the little things that light my way. The indigo linen is from Glennis.

When I was in Vermont my friends introduced me to this wonderful fabric store, Delectable Mountain Cloth, in Brattleboro.  Oh my!  I've been using some of the cloth to embroider flowers and devils:
That's an interpretation of a blue geranium, which seems to like growing here. What follows is a relaxing devil.
Above is a devil whose feet hurt.

This is an upside down devil on different cloth:

And now back to a different sort of reality, here is the August full moon peeping through the apple leaves:
So I hope this has been a good month for you.  There have been lots of ups and downs in my month, that's for sure, but overall I'd say the challenges have brought growth and maybe some discernment.  We'll see.  Love to you, s.