Sunday, March 27, 2011

Strange timing

The day after little Agnes died, I learned that 4 of my art pieces had been accepted in a local Cartoon and Humorous Art show.  One featured her as a character in a painting.  It was impossible to be very happy at that point, but I was grateful to have the work to do to ready the pictures for the show.  I had the pictures, which I'd painted using Photoshop, printed on silk, and then I mounted them on white needle felted wool, so that the effect would be soft.  Yesterday, I delivered them to the gallery, but took this picture can see her little face, and the carved rock which the veterinary hospital sent to me, as well as the Keep Calm Carry On water bottle my son sent.  Once the show opens I'll post a photo of the least I think I will...I am a big worrier about how they will look in public.  Anyway, all this has been therapeutic and a month has gone by, which is astonishing. 

That's all for now...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Newts, hail and full moon

Hello everyone.  Four of my pictures have been accepted in a local show!  So I've been preparing them...this involves printing on silk, fringing the silk and then sewing it onto a felted background.  I decided to wait until the show actually happens (early in April), to make a posting of the actual images.  So until then, here is the sign from the park where the road is closed for newts:

We have been having a great deal of rain.  Friday evening there was a loud, flashy thunderstorm that must have been right over was quite noisy.  Later I looked out to check on the doves and lo and behold the ground was white...not with snow, but HAIL! 

It was still on the ground the next afternoon:

and here, completing my report of mysterious events,  is the very nearly full moon:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hello everyone.  Well, it's a new reality now, a new world.  I'm trying to cultivate and nourish my awareness of little Agnes as a spirit now.  It's difficult because I miss her form so much.  Still, there is definitely a sense of her about.

I've been stitching on my grandson's quilt, and here's a bit of that:

Went for a walk in the big park...lots of moss and drippy wetness:
And a close-up:

Next a little newt crawled by.  In the spring the Rangers close a road up here so the newts can travel undisturbed.

And then, I visited the Little Farm where the happy pig slept.  I think she was dreaming of her babies who were under the heat lamp.
The world is full of amazing things.  That's all for now...