Friday, February 28, 2014

Flying time!

It had been an earnest wish of mine to post twice a month at least and here it is the very end of February, which has sped by in an unbridled fashion.  The biggest news is, we have had, and are presently having, some RAIN! Sweet delicious raindrops falling falling...I wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of rain dripping dribbling off the roof...magic...

Here is Gilly at the dogpark...she loves the wetness and sitting in puddles is just fine with her...I think she is deciding how she feels about her large admirer...

This is a rock we found at the park one soggy day:
I made a duct tape dress form!  Her name is Matilda, and she tilts, so her song is Tilting Matilda.  Someday I'll make a better base for her, but she comes in very handy and I've almost finished one top, which I'll show another time.  Dress is yet to come.

This is a female cardinal I embroidered for my daughter-in-law's table runner (I will show a picture of the entire piece another time.  I learned a lot from making it, but am not completely at peace with the overall plan.  Still, it's done and tomorrow is a new day):

I am loving my dyeing experiments.  Next month I'll be learning more about indigo.  Here is the preparation of a cloth to steep:

But lots of what I've been doing has been working on a piece to contribute to India's book of her students' work!  (No picture yet) I'm really looking forward to seeing how everyone applies her techniques!

That's it for now!  xoxo, S.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Groundhog Day!

Once again, favorite holiday rolls around...on Sunday, Feb. 2.  This year the commemorative item (embroidered on home-dyed wool) incorporates the rain theme...

And happily I can report that we DID have a bit of rain last week. A very very small bit, more like a heavy mist, but still, it was a bit, and we are glad for every drop.  Gilly is pointing out some of the drops on the picnic bench at the dog park:

So, for those of you enduring a bitterly cold winter, I hope the groundhog will predict an early spring ...and for those of us having an unseasonably warm, dry winter,  I hope the groundhog will persuade a few clouds full of lovely wet raindrops to come our way.  That's all for now...

NEWS FLASH!  The above post was published at 8:49 last night...this morning we awoke to the sound of what???...could it be?...yes I think it is!  The sound of rain!  A little more serious than last week's...we'll see. Thank you, Powers that Be. Here's eyewitness part of the report:
xoxo, s.