Monday, September 23, 2013


It was a good trip (understatement). The drive to Lopez Island was long and HOT but what a fine destination!  There are wonderful photos on India's blog,  Susan's blog here, and Christi's blog here.  I have only a few to add.  This is one of my wool bundles...I was so surprised at how the wool responded to the color...I think this might have been madrone.  (note taking is something I hope to get better at)

Here are some of the nine-patch cloths hanging in the barn (we had some rain!)

Below is my nine-patch.  Christi brought purple carrots which donated such superb color...there was a copper pipe down the middle of the two in the middle and a tea bag contributed the orange in those.  The wool pieces are top left and the three on the bottom.

After we managed to sew them all together and admired our handiwork,  India suggested we chop them up.  AACK!! (one vertical cut down the middle, and one horizontal across the middle), then rearrange the pieces to make a "disappearing nine-patch". Here's how mine turned out:
I love it that in three short days we made such a wonderful big piece (I've been making tiny things for awhile). And I loved sitting in Patsy's garden cottage stitching all together. This silky wooly cloth blows beautifully in the breeze...perhaps eventually it will turn into a lap robe.

We also learned to make string and a really nifty folded paper bag to put flat treasures in!!

Alas, we three off-islanders, who had all stayed together at Raiti's, had to wait for and board the ferry then wave goodbye to this lovely place:

We had dinner together in Anacortes, then went our separate ways.  The drive home was quite beautiful except for one monster rainstorm in which the trucks didn't slow down one bit.  So rude. But then the sun came out and Mt. Shasta was more beautiful than ever, hovering hovering, blessing the wayfarers.

And then sooner and later, I slipped into my home driveway!  The next morning I went out and bought a hot plate for cooking bundles made from very local vegetation.  So far I've made a few, and realize there is lots to learn. Today,  I carried home some eucalyptus branches that had been pruned along the path Gilly and I followed for our afternoon ramble.

Equinox, full moon and International Peace Day.  All at once.
(moon through the remaining apple leaves which are being harvested for color!)

I've had an idea.  What if I spend a year making little prayer flags using techniques from this workshop and Jude's classes?  How many could I make by the next International Peace Day? 100??  What would become of them...I could think about that later, but meanwhile I'm about to start #12, if you count all those little embroideries from before.'s just a thought, a question.

Anyway, in other news, on the equinox we also had our first much needed rainstorm of the season. Here is Gilly in a state of wild-eyed ecstasy as Her Wetness nests herself into the bed.
That's all for now dear readers!  Love to you from me!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Heading home

What a wonderful workshop!  Will post photos when I'm back in Ashland now.  I have eco-dyed fingernails and a happy heart.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On the road

I've embarked on a big adventure...a road trip to Lopez Island, WA for a workshop with India Flint! Right now I'm in Ashland, Oregon, staying at a lovely AirBandB with my bike!  I rode around a little bit after resting from the drive...the mountains are so BIG.  To look at that is...I do not mean to give the impression that I am an athletic bike rider.  Gently hilly is kind of ok, but I prefer flat, and I like to ride on the sidewalk instead of alongside the cars.  Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to insert a photo...I would love to show you one of Mt. Shasta...alas the iPad is balky about posting photos.  It's a long hot drive...106 degrees for a spell.  Now it's cooling off and the crickets are singing...a homey accompaniment to embroidery...