Friday, October 28, 2016

hello from away

hello everyone!  In the interest of getting a tiny bit caught up,  I want to share a bit of good news with you.  I am very temporarily in Toronto, to celebrate the fact of 5 of my small embroideries being in the World of Threads Festival here.  I thought this a good excuse for a train trip across Canada, and then a visit to see my family after the exhibit.  Alas, I am technologically challenged about how to post photos that are on the iPhone onto the ipad, and I can't seem to persuade the iPhone to post thru Blogger, so this is all that is possible now.  MOST OF ALL, I want to invite anyone who might be nearby, to come to this show!  I am thrilled to have been included and so much look forward to seeing  all the works and meeting my fellow artists!

It opens tomorrow and continues through November 27, 2016

(Because of running out of words for a while, I have been posting on Instagram, which is a little easier.  My address is @emilysuzanna  ).  I hope to do more catching-up soon). ❤️, s.