Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Hello everyone!

Well, tomorrow is Christmas, and Gilly and I go off to the farm to see our friends.  We were there on Thanksgiving also...when we go, the cats are excused from participating and spend the time, perhaps reluctantly, in a separate room.  Gilly is very curious about them...this time she jumped up into their sculpture and then as you see below, wanted to ascend to greater heights.  She is wearing her stability outfit, which didn't seem to help calm her down very much, so we've been working on her serenity a lot and have made some progress which will undergo a test tomorrow.

Another event was the coming down of a famous tree on my skyline.  A lovely pine that died.  I won't show you the entire was very methodical and there was a lot of grinding up of took two days.  I think the tree had a good life, and better it be taken down than allowed to fall down, but I miss it.

We've had LOTS of rain!!!  One early morning we went for a walk and decided not to go very far due to the great windiness that assailed us at the corner:

Then the power went out, so I drove down to the coffee shop and embroidered there for a couple of hours...that was rather fun, and I've decided to do that (publicly embroider) more often.

One of my very favorite things was ordering and receiving these wonderful tea towels from Jean:
Look at those patterns!!! I am keeping the one on the left and using the others for Christmas gifts. They are very absorbent and happiness producing.

We had a little solstice/art party here on Sunday...the second annual...quite a lot of work, but quite satisfying...this year it was 4 hours instead of 5...a friend and her daughter made beautiful food so I didn't have to worry about that...(phew!)  Now I'm looking forward to getting back to embroidering etc. etc...I will show you more of that in the next post.  Meanwhile, in closing, here is the very small, rather oddly shaped Christmas tree with its 3-D felt star on top.

I wish for you a kindly holiday season, with the best of everything, relaxation, light, laughter, good company and good food.  Love to each of you and thank you so much for stopping means a great deal to me.  xoxo, s.