Saturday, June 22, 2013

Well then...

hello everyone.  To begin, here's another Tree of Life from the Victoria and Albert Museum.  I am in admiration of the borders:

Here is part 2 of my story border experiments:
 From the elderly dog being pulled in a wagon: the fans we use in our new tai chi form:  the new lamp I bought for close work which has an icky plasticky smell that I'm hoping will go away:  the ants parading after the last rain:  myself with a giant doggy treat: a skipper (sort of a cross between a butterfly and a moth):  me feeling quite gloomy about an embroidery piece that has gone missing:  O.P., the central character of the piece:  another t-cell (representing an army of healthy healing cells) for a very ill friend:  a day of happy music when an old friend came to town.

Other signs of activity on the home front: a healthy bee brooch:

A very very small tree of life brooch (with rabbit):

This is the embroidery piece that went missing from a juried show in town.  There was an apology and reimbursement, and admittedly some gloom on my part.  I am working on letting go...things happen...but should you see it anywhere, please let me know, because it is not really supposed to be there!

In good news, Grace's beautiful Jellyfish Bride came here to stay!

And here is Gilly, wondering WHEN we are going to go on that walk I told her about:

So I'm hoping this new season will shower blessings on your beautiful tree of life...xoxo, s.