Tuesday, October 23, 2012

After the absence

Hello everyone.  So many things have needed fixing and it seems to go on and on but cautiously I want to say I'm back! Trying to get used to new equipment, like resizing pictures without my nifty resizer gadget that won't work with this system, but here goes anyway...just a few highlights.

I've decided to make 20 small brooches for the holidays...maybe a sale...the style is slowly evolving.  Maybe I'll put some in the shop, which I'm not sure is working so well.  Don't know what to do about it yet. 

The raccoons are now very delighted with the ripening persimmons out front...when they gallop across the roof in the middle of the night they sound like elephants...Gilly wakes up and starts barking but I daren't let her out because at just 10 pounds she's too Small for that sort of encounter.  In honor of the situation, I made this little embroidery on felt brooch:

Here's another one that I'm calling Moon Biscuit:

There was the most spectacular arrangement of 2 spiderwebs in my backyard...the way they overlapped made a sort of tunnel effect...

Every September, there's a Stroll on the big street nearby...no traffic, just lots and lots of people, parades, food and craft booths etc.  I loved this horse by the fire truck:

And here's Gilly getting ready to sing "Take another little piece of my heart".

So I hope these pictures come out ok on your screen...let me know if there are problems.  I've been trying to keep up with my dear bloggy friends, but just not making many comments.  That's all for now!