Thursday, October 10, 2013

First experiments

Here is my little back porch set-up!

First leaves yielded the yellowish, and maple leaves gave off this lovely pink:

Next, concord grapes and avocado skins:

This is a little bit of the above that I rinsed and hung out in the sun for a while to see what would happen:

All of these I did in a little copper pot...boiled the bundles a little, let them sit overnight and then I dried them in the oven, which is always warm due to the pilot light.

I also made a scarf but don't have pix yet.  Next experiments will be with steaming bundles!

There was a memorial service out at my favorite farm for Barbara, the matriarch.  I will miss her.  Here are the donkeys...they weren't feeling too sociable, but I can't go there without taking a picture of them, and they kind of know that, so they didn't run off altogether.

And here is Gilly who is learning to play ball!  (sorry for the fuzzy photo) I thought that, in a way, except for her hair, and the fact that she's a dog, and a few other factors, she looks a bit like a proud penguin who has just produced an egg...

That's all for now...I'm going to the ocean for a spell.  Love to all.