Sunday, February 12, 2012

New in the neighborhood

Never before have I seen the wild turkeys in this area.  They roam about considerably, but one day here they were close by.  Two misters and about 5 ladies.  Very dignified.  A little later I saw one perching on a telephone wire, while another became enamored of my hubcap and chased the car down the street...

And there are lots of precursors of spring:

And I'm going to visit is a tiny section of Liam's ancestor quilt, which I've begun to piece together. I won't show more until it's further along:

That's all for now, dear readers.  My very best to you on Valentine's Day...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day Report

So, the Official Groundhog saw his shadow and thus predicted 6 more weeks of winter.  I decided to celebrate this lovely animal holiday by first making groundhog cookies.  They are gluten was challenging to figure out how to manage cutting them out, but I used the freezer to help them keep shape after rolling the dough.

Then I went to the zoo, where the giraffe not only had her baby alongside, but a special shadow of her own:

The zebras were surprisingly close to the fence:

Some friends came over for music.  We had groundhog cookies and groundhog gravy, which is chocolate tapioca pudding, and we sang the Groundhog Song.

Lastly here is a healing cloth I made for an artist friend with a serious hand injury.  Jude had a post a while ago about cloths in windows, which reminded me to consider color from front and back:  the bottom picture here is how the cloth looks with light coming through from behind:
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Thank you for stopping by...I hope you enjoyed your Groundhog Day!