Thursday, August 30, 2012

More moons!

Hello everyone!  Happy blue moon.

The family visit (why are these posts so infrequent?) included a trip to the Monterey Aquarium and the Jellies Exhibits. I wish this photo could show their pulsing grace as they move through the water, living their unusual lives.

Last year I lost all my sunflowers to a mysterious backyard beast.  A week ago, as Gilly and I were strolling down the street I saw the culprit crossing the street with one of my neighbors' sunflowers in its mouth.  We galloped home for the camera...and caught this:
I do not detect any remorse or embarrassment.

Here are a couple of new felted pieces...the first is of a persimmon flower...they are very odd, woody structures:

And this one is called Relatively has some 3-D effects that the photo doesn't fully show:

For my grandson's quilt, I've begun embroidering my memories of the significant houses in my life...this one was my Great Aunt Katy's house by the sea-shore.  I've been opting for the right feeling rather than accuracy of detail.  I'm using fabric lightly dyed in my indigo vat.

During our wonderful visit we visited our friends at the farm...the boys went for horse-back rides and fed carrots to the donkeys, who were undone by happiness and took a nap in the sun (after a dust bath).

That's all for now.  May the blue moon bring you beauty, bounty and Balance.