Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yesterday I finished this very small hanging for a friend.  There is a little bit of fabric weaving in the center...the border is strips from my grandmother's shawl and the hanger is made from braided bits of the same shawl.  The body of it is made from silk batting.  See the bee?

Saturday was an amazing day.  I went to the quilters' drop-in and on the way passed a little garage sale where I found this rug.  It's about 6 feet long.  Evidently a family member brought it back from Turkey, but the people decided not to keep it because of a few holes and so they were selling it for $10.  I asked them if they were totally sure of that price and they were, so I am very grateful.  Doesn't that look like a lighthouse on the top?

Then, on the way home, I bought this silk hanky in an antique store. After I finish admiring it, I may chop it up for inclusion in another cloth.

I've also started making cloth in Jude's workshop and I'll put up pictures of my experiments soon.  She is a wonderful teacher; the techniques and the results are very satisfying.


  1. The rug does look like a lighthouse or ancient
    church...what a great find. I love searching out
    and finding "treasures".

  2. What a lovely hanging, and with parts of your grandmothers shawl, I like that.
    Great rug, a few holes, make it more beautiful in my opinion.
    I reall love this sentence about the hanky: "after I finish admiring it, I may chop it" I did the same with some ties, last week...:)
    Jude's workshop is great, isn't it?

  3. That rug is an incredible find! Proof that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Years ago my mother-in-law bought an old, enormous, roll-top desk for $20 because the man who owned it didn't value it the way she did. My husband and I now are the proud owners of this wonderful roll-top, which his mother gave to us for free. It is our most treasured piece of furniture.

    And speaking of treasures, I love the hanging you made. Oh my, it has the look of an ancient and holy relic. So beautiful. xo Kari

  4. Kari, thank you! I love making new things that look old. Ha...that sort of describes Me! In geologic terms I would be considered a 'new thing', but in actual fact I'm quite worn around the edges and might be thought 'old'...hmmmm...Also, the story of your desk reminds me how much value things attain when they are rescued. Each time I look at this rug, it surprises me, as if it wanted to be here and had to create a little quirk of fate in order to get here.

  5. Sandra, thanks for stopping by. (Sorry, blogspot doesn't allow me to reply to each comment in the proper place) Yes! I am really enjoying Jude's workshop...I love seeing how much each of us is influenced by her and then by one another.

  6. Hi Marie, Now I see the ancient church you mention in my a floor plan. It's quite remarkable really. Thanks for pointing that out.

  7. I love your embroidered bees, especially the white, transparent wings. I found you via Jude's blog, where the bee also showed up. I love the bees.

  8. Thank you Julia! And for visiting...