Friday, March 20, 2015


Hello everyone,

I've been working on a contribution to India Flint's Solace Project, and today, finished it up!  The top is raw silk dyed with tea and ??? (I forget)...embroidered with DNC embroidery floss...sometimes one, sometimes two strands...I had to fill in the letters quite a bit after the first go round. Then I backed it with silk from worn out long johns dyed with eucalyptus and liquidamber's very soft and hangs nicely.  The words are from the bluegrass gospel song "Peace Like a River"

I've been participating in a classical guitar class that takes place in the community center art day I was feeling "observed", turned around and noticed these stacked up chairs...

Gilly has really perfected her rarin' to go, sit-up pose...

Buggy came to visit Gilly one day.  Gilly looks a little nervous because this was a first, but it turned out fine.

I'm struggling with the end of a bad cold that has a very unenjoyable I rested nearly all day.  Now that it's almost bedtime, I'm wide awake.

That's all for now...Happy Belated International Day of Happiness (yesterday)!

xoxo, s.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A test

Hello everyone,

Perhaps I have just figured out how to create a post from the ipad.  This ia a test!
Next I will have to figure out how to make the picture bigger,  and now it is time for lunch, but overall, I think this might just work.  

'til later, xo, S.