Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Four for November

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a ...(fill in some kind of hopefully positive adjective) November.  I am still riding out the end of my cold which is a cough, but it's getting better as long as the stressors can be calmed.  Here are the four images plus haiku for November.  The first one is from earlier in the project.

They try learning
to speak with civility and
respect.  A big task.

Sailing in the light
trail of a full moon woke me
up quite happily.

Today a surprise
arrived. No one yet knows what 
to think, exactly.

The song continues;
day breaks and the moon ripens.
Pay attention now.

These images represent the fifth offering in a 6 month commitment I've made to donate 50% of the proceeds of my artwork to the ACLU of Northern California with a focus on giving assistance to immigrant communities.  A 5" x 7" print of each of these original watercolors is available
for $20.  (postage is minimal, but extra)
If you are interested in participating, please contact me through my email address (click on "complete profile" in the sidebar under "about me".  Then click on "email" under "contact".)  This will all be a little easier once I have my new website in the new year.  If you have trouble reaching me, please let me know in a comment.
Thank you, dear readers.  Have a good December. xoxo, s. 
words and images ©suzannaklein 2017