Sunday, June 21, 2020

Day 3

Hello everyone!  Today's offering is from our walks around the neighborhood.  The garden colors are so vivid this year, due to the late rains and probably the decrease in vehicle traffic.  Now that we are slowly "opening", the traffic has increased, but the colors are still intense.  So here is the Jacaranda tree and you can see how it sheds a purple carpet around itself.  

The other day I saw an odd shape on the ground.  It looked like a crab and then when I looked up into the tree I saw another hanging off a branch; it looks like each clump of flowers produces one of these pods:
It's about 2" long and quite hard.

Then today,  walking in the opposite direction, I found another pod that was slightly open.  And inside were:
what look like teeth, but I think they are what hold the seeds in until the pod opens and casts the seeds about.  I am missing part of the process here and have to be more vigilant to discover an unopened pod.  Or perhaps some seeds.  I would like to grow a jacaranda tree.  But in the meantime I am working on fixing my little shop up so as to offer some home-made items to you all.  There is an abundance of them here in my studio, which I will show you, but right now it's time for dinner and a walk to the post-office with the dogs.  Alice is visiting!
It should be noted, although you've probably figured it out, that I was the only one enthusiastic about this photo.  The girls are working things out and there was a bit of growling.  Well, that's all for now, off we go...

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Day 2 of return

Hello again!  Yesterday a neighbor told me about a new trail that had opened beside the bay.  It goes behind our racetrack and presents this view:

That's the Golden Gate Bridge way off in the distance.  Sometimes during the isolation of this pandemic I fall into thinking I need to go somewhere else, but no more.  It is easy to get to this trail, and there are beautiful benches just made for gazing and knitting.  Water lapping on the shore eases my agitations like nothing else and I am Grateful.

So, I've been inspired by an Australian ceramicist to experiment with porcelain.  I rented some space at my neighborhood gallery to make little porcelain shards.  The owner of the gallery, Robert Abrams, helped me get started and fired the pieces for me.  Due to the lockdown I'm back in my own studio now.  Here is one of the critters I made.  It is kind of a shelter in place self-portrait.

That's all for safe.  With love ~~ s.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

a return of sorts

Hello everyone!  I've been gone for quite a while and perhaps I'm back, but am not sure yet.  This is certainly a profoundly unsettling time that we're living through and I hope all of you are doing ok.  I will not even try to catch you up on my activities except maybe bit by bit.  
First I will have to remember how to do all this!  My first photo is called Little Fuzzy; it's a refridgerator magnet.  One of many that I'm considering putting in my shop, once I remember how. Perhaps!

That's all for now.  Love to you all. ~~ Suzanna