Thursday, April 28, 2011

Closer to home

Hello everyone.  I'm slowly making my way home after visiting my dear family.  I hopped off the train this morning to visit Denver for a day and will hop on the next one tomorrow to continue on.  Denver is a wonderful place for walking.  The sun was out and the temperature was perfect.  A new travel center is being built and I think it will be quite something...a real hub for buses and trains.  So here are a few impressions...the old grand station which is being renovated:

A pattern where the sidewalk crosses the tracks:

Some coal cars waiting to go somewhere:

Crocheted flowers on the fence separating the sidewalk from the construction.  This is just a tiny portion of the display. 

Here is the sleeve of my old jacket that I "boro-ed"  a la Jude:

Some New Jersey azalea blossoms, just beginning to assert themselves.  It was cold and rainy almost the entire visit, but then Easter was a beautiful day, maybe even a little too suddenly warm, but how glad we were for the sunshine.

That's all for now.  Time for bed.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How it was, and Is.

Hello everyone.  The show opening went well!  It is easier to talk about my work in my imagination than it is in reality, but this was an opportunity to practice.  There were many artists in the show and each one brought 2 food items, so there was interesting delicious food and a lovely band.  My friend Marge graciously took these photos, as I was so occupied with talking.  Here are the 4 pictures I contributed:

This one is called "Too Much Phone":

More on the subject of this series can be found at  

Lately I've been sitting outside on my back porch at sunset time, listening to the birds and maybe working...this is the tree behind my studio at this time...someone told me this light is called 'alpenglow'...I love that word, even though I am nowhere near the Alps...

And then this...a minute later:

And lastly, here is Zoe, in her basket...she is visiting for a short while.  She's 15 and very sprightly, although you wouldn't necessarily know it from this picture:

That's all for now...may tax-time tax you lightly...xoxo...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Marching into April

Hello fellow dear inhabitants of Planet Earth...locally, spring is behind schedule because of all the rain.  One (of the many) advantages of blogging is a new form of daily ordering of events.  Last year on March 23, I took this photo of the wisteria:

Here is the wisteria on March 29, this year:

I've been working on more felted squares, which I've decided to call Prayer Mats.  First a green horse, which isn't quite done:

This is a prayer for order:

And this is a prayer for Containment, for all the leaks our planet has been the Gulf of Mexico, in the nuclear power plant in Japan, the wiki-leaks, and also for the levees in California, which hopefully will hold during the spring melt:

That's all for now...