Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Hello dear readers,  Although having been quite absent from our blogging village, I've been busy...this is a brief catch-up as well as a hope to be more present in the future.  On a cross country trip in November, the idea popped into my head to have a show/sale at my house; there were many stumbling blocks, but it happened, and was grand!  It was VERY lovely to have friends over and to see what everything from the past few years looked like on display. What follows is a very incomplete survey but...here's the front door.

2 of the necklaces:
(twined string, thank you Jude and India!)

5 scarves I dyed using India's techniques:

Here's the quilt for my grandson Liam that I work on on the long train trip (it was draped over a chair for the showing):
(It just needs a little more around the top and bottom edge and then QUILTING!)

An Italian cookie, with hand-made almond paste and persimmon jam between layers.  I wish you were here to each have one, or maybe two?  as they turned out to be rather tasty.

The Angel of the New Light and the Unknown.  She/he is very small but mighty, and I think is responsible for giving me the idea for this event...

And now, with a big wish for joy to you and those you love, is Miss Gilly-Marie, all freshly laundered and with newly clipped toenails...

Merry Christmas (and all holidays) to you from us...may the New Year bring you love, peace and happy inquiry... xoxo, s.