Thursday, June 4, 2015

The very small book

I've been making small embroidered pieces. Suddenly they became a story!  This is a picture of them all, but not in proper story order:
The story is about an old donkey, and the book will be 16 pages long...all of which will be printed on both sides of one sheet of paper. Each page has a bit of text plus a photo of one of the embroideries. Because I spent years and years exploring photoshop, I put some of those skills to work on this Very Small Book. It has taken quite awhile to figure out how to do this, but we're getting close!  More will be revealed soon. 

Meanwhile, my wonderful tea towel collection has expanded:
On the left a bold plaid by Susan Harvey, and on the right are 2 variations on a pattern by Jean Betts.  I love using hand woven cloths in my kitchen. 

And here is Miss Gilly, showcasing her lovely snout!
And that's all for now, but I will be back soon.  xo, s.