Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Moon

Things have been buzzing here.  We've been to our first Puppy Social and tomorrow is our first Puppy Class.  Here are the buzzing bees on an eyeglass case.

Here is a finch in the apple tree.  That is an apple blossom petal in its mouth.

This is Gilly in the apple pursuit of the squirrel. She got there by herself; it's about 4 feet off the ground.  Trying to get down she slipped, but did some kind of crazy flip and landed on her feet.

Voila: the ipad cover...front and back:
(I used some fabric from Glennis and Eva, my grandmother's shawl and an old skirt.)

Here is my completed experiment in asymmetry:

And because I enjoyed doing that one so much, I started another:

Well, I better go now, there's a very sleepy puppy on my lap.  Happy New Moon to you...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day before Easter

The first time I had a puppy, the rest of the household was so chaotic that I had little time for training, and no memory now of how we managed.  But this time, being older and maybe a little wiser, I want to be aware of the process.  So far we're on a 2 hour schedule for trips outside during the night.  I hear a little whimpering and I grab the leash and the pup and out we go.  Oh the sleepy drowsing, but she's getting the idea!  Last night the full moon watched us through the bamboo:

When morning came here's what caught my eye, framed in the wicker chair:

And here's Gilly, after a good day of back yard exploration (one week anniversary):

 Happy Easter and Passover and all celebrations that are happening today...

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Hello everyone.  Last week I was amazed and delighted to learn I was to be the proud recipient of Deb G's giveway...her blog, Bee Creative, is a place I often visit for tips and reassurance about living sustainably and harmoniously on this planet.  This week the wonderful package arrived!  A beautiful indigo hand-dyed and hand-knit is perfect because our Bay Area air often feels chilly on my neck and ears.  This is how I love to wear it, walking down the street into the wind:
She also included this bit of soft blue roving, also hand-dyed...this is inspiring me to start a new felting project:
Thank you, Deb!

Here are a couple of updates on the last projects I posted about...I took out the stitched words on the pony picture because they seemed too dominant, but some of them are still there, under the kantha...I like it better this way. exercise in Piecing:

AND!  the family has an addition...She's 3 months old and so far her name is started out to be Golly, but now it is might continue to change, but it's been Gilly for a whole day now.  She was found wandering around the streets of Madera, but now she's home.

Right now she's sleeping on my lap. It's awfully nice to have a dog.  What a week!