Sunday, March 25, 2012

This week

This past week, dear readers, has been lots of work and happy surprises.  I played some cowboy tunes at Farmer Alex' memorial.  We were was supposed to rain and it Didn't!  I want to say more but I can't find the words...he was a very very fine man and I'm grateful to have known him and to be a family friend.

Elizabeth, from Ballarat, in Australia, sent me the most beautiful surprise.  First came a wonderful dragon card:

And then this exquisitely handmade (by her)...

The outside is wonderfully patterned of muted misty colors, from an old obi, and the inside is like the moon appearing in swiftly changing cloud landscape.  I've never had a specially designated place for my needles, but they are much happier not having to mingle with the pins in the pincushion.  Thank you thank you Elizabeth.

Also, I've been taking Glennis' indigo dyeing online class...I started late due to my travels and I'm still working on achieving reduction in my vat.  It's not quite warm enough I think.  Someone, I think it was Grace, mentioned wrapping it in a space blanket to contain the heat, so I tried that.  It's on an orange plastic old tablecloth with a lightbulb providing warmth...this is what it looks like at night!  Rather like something from outer space has landed in the living room:

And here is a painted tipi curtain from about 1870 in Montana or Wyoming.  (Art Inst. Chicago):

Wishing you all health and lovely things to look at, always.


  1. oh i just love seeing your indigo vat. ha.

    1. It's kind of like having a new animal in the house...I'm not sure what to expect next!

  2. Not warm enough here either; but yours looks warm and cosy...warm enough to burst actually!

    1. Hi's warm enough now...for awhile I thought it might be TOO warm but it seems to have settled down, but it still hasn't turned the green color...I'm trying to be patient!