Saturday, September 17, 2011

Spider Time

Hello's the season for big spiders in my garden.  This year I've made an effort to train them not to attach the "guide lines" to my car, so we can live in harmony and I won't be ruining their intricate weavings when I get into the car.  I study the web, speak to its maker and gently remove the guide line so it can attach to the persimmon tree...this disrupts the positioning of the web, but doesn't spoil the weaving.  I had to do this several mornings before they got the idea, but for the past several mornings, the webs have not been attached to the car.  This is Hazel:

There are 2 webs here...they're woven at angles to one another, so that if a creature flies between them, it will very likely get caught...I don't know if the same spider built both of them...I've seen them compete over territory...I hope you can see both is in the front, the other is in the upper left corner, and has an occupant (Ginny).

Next up is a felted trout, reminiscing about my Idaho trip:

A moose:

and a work horse:

Fall is right around the corner, but it so many ways it's already here.  That's all for now...


  1. Reminds me of Charlotte's Web.I cured my daughter of mild arachnaphobia by readin it to her!

  2. Hi Angela...I loved that book too...but oh, it made me so sad when Charlotte's life cycle was over...perhaps it was the first book that affected me so deeply...thanks for reminding me of it...

  3. spider webs are amazing. always fascinating to me. love your work horse.

  4. Oh the webs they weave...thanks Deanna...

  5. Love that moose, and love the spider training - must try this next autumn to keep the orb spiders on the shrubs and off the clothes line.

  6. Hi Elizabeth...they are all still in place this morning...I imagine they are happiest staying in one place, not having to rebuild every day. I wonder how they establish those guide or anchor lines in the first place...perhaps wait for a breeze, or maybe they jump somehow. Anyway, right now I'm glad that they're content with the territory we've agreed on...

  7. Suzanna, is the trout in the shop? why am
    i asking, why didn't i look first...i was
    so's a Beautiful Trout!
    my son is a fishing...
    i need that trout
    xoxo to you, hazel and ginny

  8. Suzanna, I love your feltwork pieces. You create such wonderful works of art, I cannot even imagine how you do them. Amazing. And the trout is perfection!

  9. Thank you Peggy...I've been enjoying the felting...perhaps I will attempt a spider someday...when I make them I feel closer to nature. You've been making some lovely feathers!

  10. I've had a spider hanging out by my front door for the last three weeks. I check on her all the time....

    That trout really is wonderful!

  11. Thank you Deb...I have a new appreciation of trout since our fishing trip, and I love thinking of them swimming free in our rivers...