Sunday, September 25, 2011

Change and hope

Hello everyone...I'm up on the northern coast for my 5th annual work retreat with my friends, but this is our last day, sigh...

Some highlights:
The week before I arrived was very emotional...a memorial of an old dear friend; dawning of awareness of changes that have occurred over the last 20 years. 

Someone shed an old skin:

I made a little movie of Overwhelm>Hope.  Be sure to stay until the end (47 seconds)

 Here are some grasses for Grace

I'm not sure who lives here:

But here are the cormorants perched for the night:

Seals, basking in the fog:

Oyster catcher (red beak, PINK legs) and whimbrel:

And finally, a hand-pieced (thanks to Jude for how-to) pillow cover for a new baby:

That's all for now...happy autumn to all...xoxo, S.


  1. i got chills watching the ocean waves.

  2. Hi Deanna...I've been so mesmerized by the breaking waves this visit...the relentlessness of the beauty...

  3. Jude, so glad you were here...I thought of you so often being by the ocean, a different ocean but the same in its waves and wonderment...

  4. One thing for sure...change is constant. I love the grasses for Grace.

  5. Hi Mo'a, thanks for stopping by...definitely true...change is constant. Sometimes it seems like the rate of change is speeding response is to slow down...or try to...

  6. Oh, yes, I agree things re changing so fast's a good idea to slow ourselves down. A beautiful post, Suzanna. I'm so impressed with the cormorants who know they'll be safer for the night on a cliff face!

  7. Penny, thank you...Sometimes I think that just having an intention to slow down a bit activates all sorts of challenges, but it's knowing the important rhythms that matters, which in itself is a challenge! It all goes round and round...

  8. a gift of grasses....the BEST!
    thank you so much for taking me on this
    trip with you...
    BEAUTIFUL sea sounds, and yes. it IS so
    similar to the Wind sounds here...the
    constancy of it....

  9. Hi Grace...the seasons here in CA are so different from what I grew up with back east, but they are still seasons, and I most especially love how the hills turn gold then brown and the grasses everywhere are "amber waves of grain" we are having seems early for made snow in the mountains...soon I'll show a picture...glad you like the grasses!