Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back from fishing

Hello everyone.  I've been acclimating to being home after a lovely family fishing trip in Idaho.  I didn't do any fishing myself, but we floated down the Teton River.  For preparation I took a class in fly-tying and here is the result (a grey nymph and a wooly bugger):

Just four of us went on this floating trip, which took about 5 hours.  Uncle Paddy, our host and guide, my son, grandson and me like Cleopatra (well, maybe not quite) in the stern of the boat.  We learned so much about river life...the beautiful fish and the vast variety of insects in different stages of development. This is the Teton River:

We saw a mama moose and her baby.  This is the mama:

Here's a caught fish.  Three fish were captured and they all went back in the river to rejoice with their friends.  We encountered a special reverence toward fish.

I hope you can see the big fish here, in another river, waiting for food from onlookers, who aren't allowed to catch them.  It's a special protected spot.

This is from one of the many antler arches in Jackson, Wyo:
There are lots and lots of elk and deer.  Each year their antlers fall off.

Here's a view of the Tetons, taken after riding a chair lift.  Heights make me nervous, but I actually enjoyed this ride...very quiet, not too far off the ground...a chance to be in the treetops and then some...

This is one of the Mesa much fine spray and mossy response:

Whilst lolling about, I made some progress on my grandson's quilt!  Nine-patches and some ancestors.  Not a final arrangement, but just trying to take a look at it so far.

And here's what I did yesterday, in the sunshine of my back yard...beginning 4 new felting projects...hmm, lots of possibilities...

Summer's winding down...back to the happy grindstone.  That's all for now! 


  1. Absolutely beautiful scenery!! I'm sure it was a spiritual renewal time for you. Take care Fran in Calgary

  2. Hi Fran...thanks for stopping by. 'Renewal' is just the right word...there is nothing like getting away for a spell...

  3. what a great trip. i love rivers, just love
    rivers. THANKS for taking me there!

    the quilt is really Happening!

    at first i saw the pic before i read, and
    thought...she's making tortillas!...will look
    in to see what happens with the felting...

    i always like your updates so much

  4. oh, and the Fly Tying!!!!!
    you are somethin else...a fly tying class.
    of course you would.
    aren't they just the best??? i love them and
    their names...i once worked midnights with
    a guy who was really into it and it is a true
    ART. i smile to think of you tying....

  5. Hi Grace...being on a floaty river is so much life...especially bugs, which I would otherwise be wanting to ignore, but on the river everything fits together...I know, tortillas or kind of makes me hungry to look at that picture. Thanks!

  6. Hi again Grace...blogger wants me to reply out of order, but I wanted to say something about the fly tying...our teacher is so good...there are some intricate knots that he manages to explain very well. I love making them because they're something new to make and so tiny and alive, but I don't think I'm going to become a fly-fisherwoman...

  7. What magnificent surroundings for a lovely family trip. Fancy trying fly tying! The felting project looks interesting...always does!

  8. Hi Penny...I'm grateful for the chance to see this part of the grand. It's a curious adjustment to being back in my small spaces here, but it's as if my mind is plastering the walls with landscapes...daydreams...and then I remember the tasks at hand...

  9. hi suzanna! looong time no 'talk' :)
    oh looks like it was such a nice trip and your quilt... beautiful.
    :laughing: at grace's tortilla comment. i had to look twice when i saw it too.
    :much love:

  10. Hi Twhich! Great to hear from you...I love the bookmark you've trip was great and I miss that feeling of being under a wide sky, all quiet on the river...I can hear sirens in the background as I write, even though this is a relatively quiet spot. My felt tortillas..yes! Have been working more on then and soon will write a new post...

  11. okay i'll be back... oh and LOVE the felted bees in your flickr! the colors!

  12. Hi Suzanna, I've been dropping by at your place too. I would love to see a moose - are they quiet or flighty? What is moose in multiples, mooses? Just thinking about wild wet places is good...

  13. Hi Elizabeth...the moose will be here soon...I think the plural is just 'moose'! They are very, very large and ungainly, and can be ferocious if guarding a baby...the one we saw did have a baby, but both of them were on the shore and weren't interested in us, thank goodness, as we floated down the river.