Wednesday, October 12, 2011

La luna

Well is our October moon, going round and round us as we go round and round the never ceases to amaze me:

Last weekend I went to a conference in the Sierras, at Squaw Valley, where the 1960 Olympics were held...already a sprinkling of snow, but no skiers.  That fresh mountain air really clears the brain...

On my trip to the coast, I was enchanted by this heron, who had just nabbed a fish, and was waiting in the fog for another...

And this is a bit of last week's work.  I decided to call it "Feeling the Pinch" in honor of our economic times.
That's all for now everyone...enjoy the moon times...


  1. Suzanna, what a beautiful photo of the moon. I have yet to get a good image, must be my camera. ;-)

    I like "feeling the pinch" as well as the idea of creating a piece to reflect the times. Cool!

  2. Hi Peggy...this photo surprised me...for some reason I had the flash on, and that made all the difference...

  3. Just tried again to photograph the moon tonight and I couldn't! So I've dropped in to tell you that is a really magical moon picture!

  4. Hi's so good to hear from you. I was surprised how well this photo turned out...accidentally really. I had turned left in my car to go up the hill and there was the moon. At a stop light, I hastily found the camera, and, being worried about the traffic, clicked it without looking at the settings...the flash went off and this was the result!