Friday, March 5, 2010

She has a heart

What a week this has been!
The heart was part of my shibori experimenting, and I thought I should put it on her sleeve, because well, because that was the sort of week it was.
I wish the photo showed the rain streaks a little better. I need to learn more about my camera.


  1. Pretty heart! Sorry you had such a heart week *:)

    Are you using a flash to photograph this? If you are, try not using it. That often helps me. I hate flashes.

  2. That's a good might pick up the shininess of the rain streaks better. There are four or five different flash settings...I get a little impatient with them. Thanks Catherine!

  3. OH, this heart is so beautiful!!! You're making such lovely things in this course!
    About the flash, it does strange things to colours.

  4. Hi Sandra, thanks!! The top image has truer colors...I'm going to have to concentrate on this a bit.

  5. Yes, I agree about the flash. I had to turn it off on my camera as it so brightened everything that all the colors seemed to disappear. I had never used a camera until I started my blog last June, and it still mystifies me. Someone told me to be sure to use the "V" setting for "Vibrant" and that has helped a little, but I still can't get a true red at all. I have to use my scanner to get the red right. I love your heart on the sleeve with rain streaks. Very poignant. xo Kari of Writing Up A Storm

  6. Thanks Kari! Now we have a very sunny day, I'll try a photo outdoors. No flash. First one more heart sewn on. I just love hearing from you all.