Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bye Bye Black Heart

Here she is again.  I think this is all.  The colors are a little better without the flash I think.  Thank you everyone.  On this next one though, everything was the same but the pink faded out.  Tomorrow I'm going to the camera store, ask some questions.

 Someone who was mad at me once said I had a black heart.  It plagued me for a long time and then I felt grateful for the image.  This sheer cloth is covered with little sprouts or maybe it's been walked all over by bird feet. Chickens, I think.

 The latest on the home cloth.  I've been busy bee-ing.

I hope everyone everywhere is having either a little bit of spring or the loveliness of approaching fall. What a round world it is.  May there be respite from the quaking.  My heart goes out to those who have been enduring too much.


  1. Ouch, it's pretty harsh to say that someone has a black heart. I feel sorry for you, it must have hurt a lot. But you know the things people say to you have nothing to do with you, it's only the way in which they experience something and the way they stand in life. And that is all coloured by their own history. So it has nothing to do with you, it is not the truth. It took me a long time to understand that this is the way it works. I greatly admire that you have turned this experience into a possitive image in this cloth.
    I love your bees. A few days ago I thought I saw a bumble bee, but I was too late to watch closely, so perhaps it was imagination playing a trick on me;)


  2. Thanks does take a long time to process things sometimes. That is one thing I love about the bees; they just do their thinking. Bumblebees are my favorite.

  3. I love how you transformed the black heart into art! And with chicken feet, too! It makes me think of how the Baba Yaga of Russian folktales lived deep in the woods in a house that stood upon chicken feet. I don't remember the stories, but I know that you are summoning ancient story-medicine with your black heart and your chicken feet. Good for you! And your busy-bees will sweeten your day, for sure. xo Kari

  4. Kari, I do remember those stories! My grandsons will be visiting next week and I'll have to introduce them. Thank you so much for reminding me.

  5. Hi Suzanna, lovely stitching, especially how the black heart is flying away...good when we can let things like that go.

  6. Thank you Jeana Marie. It seems to help to make a picture of the process, then there is room to let in the new, and be grateful.

  7. Love your busy bees on your home have been very much the worker bee here. Very productive!

    Jacky xox