Saturday, March 27, 2010

King of the bees

Well, I was going to return to the subject of the economics of embroidering bees but am too distracted by  the wisteria getting into high gear; one day I was out admiring it when in buzzed the biggest most dignified bumblebee I've ever seen.  He considered the buds from all angles, and then buzzed off, apparently thinking they weren't quite ready for his pollen collection.  Alas, my camera was elsewhere, so I decided to immortalize him by embroidery.  He was lots shinier and more commanding than this, but perhaps you can add those qualities with imagination.

Here also is the bigger square I made out of the smaller squares in the last post.

I want to add some fabric weaving around the outside of this inspired by Judes's work at Spirit Cloth, perhaps using the gauzy cloth on the very left.

Lastly, one more bee item!  My favorite socks.


  1. Yes, your bee is very kingly! I love how your threads so perfectly replicate his legs, his fragile wings. Beautifully done. And your fabric weaving is growing and blossoming. Oh, and I love wisteria. We enjoy our neighbor's wisteria across our side lot, but I would love to have our own, too, a little arbor of wisteria! xo Kari

  2. oh hey looking great! and love those bee wings...

  3. Thanks Kari! My former neighbors planted this wisteria which is between the 2 houses; I'm so grateful for it. It was quite a tangle for a while and then this fall it was pruned way back so that now it is so eager to fill in the empty spaces. There are not as many bees as there were when that space was occupied by wild blackberry bushes.

  4. Hi Jude! Been working on those wings...thanks! (Blogspot for some reason won't let me put my reply next to the comment it belongs next to...sorry about this)

  5. Lovely bee. I like the way you
    stitched those wings! (not an
    easy thing to do.)
    Wisteria smells so good..

  6. :) Thank you ancientcloth! I'd like to have a sound track too, to capture that bumblebee hum...

  7. funnily enough my daughter was stung by a bee for the very first time yesterday (I haven't posted about it...just telling you here). Great socks! And I like how you've stitched the wings too.

  8. I remember my first bee sting; it was such a shock! Hope she's feeling ok.

  9. I love bumblebees. You made the wings so well catching their transparency.

    I haven't been here for a while, due to illness and severe computer problems.