Friday, January 29, 2010

Donkeys and Crows finished

Here is the final (I think) version of the donkeys and the crows.  It's 6.5" x 16"... an experiment that kept evolving.

This is a detail of (last month's) blue moon.  It is made of leftover fringe scraps that I compressed and then sewed in with silvery thread.  Now I am wondering what the donkeys and crows are saying to one another, so I will address that soon.  Meanwhile I'm hoping to make a header for this blog, but no promises as to when it may appear, that is to say, how long it takes to figure out how to do it.


  1. Wonderful detail in that silvery/blue moon and I love those crows...have you used velvet? That would have been difficult to applique!

    The starry sky is the perfect finish.

    Jacky xox

  2. Jacky...thank you! I didn't use any velvet in this piece although I'm hoping to soon. The reddish background is wool and the crows are made out of a shiny black, probably synthetic material that was hard to work with. I told the helper in the fabric store that I wanted to make a crow, and this is what she gave me. She said it wouldn't run, like silk, so I thought since it was an experiment I would just take my chances. I like how it turned out, but the whole piece is relatively fragile and that bothers me somewhat.

  3. I love your blue moon. And I'm also wandering what the crows are saying to the moon, perhaps something about fragile being beautiful?

  4. there is a nice sense of reflection in all the elements.

  5. Jude, thank you. Your words encourage:)