Saturday, May 9, 2015

Side trip within larger trip

Hello everyone. Although I'm home now, I wanted to show you this garden that I stumbled on whilst in Portland. The Chinese Classical Garden.

A haven of tranquillity right near the train station. There was a tea room where I had a very delicious tea egg. 
Then a musician appeared playing the Chinese violin. Beautiful clear tones enhancing the peacefulness of the whole experience. 

Some recent work:
This was inspired by the marmalade bush that was still blooming when I got home:

Here is a rearing up donkey with flowers: part of a series that's becoming a Very small book. 

On May Day I went to see the Morris Dancers who were giving thanks to the rising of the sun!

And here is Miss Gilly, with whom I was quite glad to be reunited. 

That's all for now. Today is National Train Day and yesterday was World Donkey Day!  So much to celebrate...Xo, s. 


  1. Beautiful photos, Suzanna! Happy Gilly there. I love all your stitching on blue cloth, the donkey page makes me smile and here's where I wish you Happy Train Day and a belated happy World Donkey Day! Didn't know about it till now but I love donkeys, too. xo

    1. Hi Peggy, time has flown by and I am very remiss in not replying earlier. Am hoping to do better. Donkeys are very inspirational to me! Glad to know you love them too. I think they are unsung heroes of the animal kingdom.