Friday, May 9, 2014

The Giveaway!

Finally!  I decided to continue with the Rain Theme for the Giveaway, and here is a California Raindrop, a prayer for more rain...white thread embroidered on a small square...1 3/4 inches of light blue silk (brocade?)   On the back is a bit of home-dyed silk noir.  The "chain" is twined embroidery thread, each side 12",  with silver clasps.  There's a nickle sewn in between the layers so it will hang nicely.  If you would like this little necklace, please leave a comment below!    Gilly will choose the winner...I'll put the names in the little envelopes seen in the last post, along with a bit of kibble, and we'll see which one she picks first!!

Here's Gilly, after her haircut!  Immediately after.  Looking like a puppy again instead of a shaggy old lady. Still with her complimentary neckerchief on.  She hoped to dislodge it and got one leg stuck in it so it was all crooked and silly looking.  Luckily it was stretchy fabric and she survived the tangle.
OK, that's it!  Hope to hear from you...we'll have the drawing on May 15.

xoxo, s.

P.S.  I just (Monday eve.) redid the photos of the necklace so the color and shape is more accurate.  It occurred to me that the scanner might take better pictures than my little camera. 


  1. Dear suzannah
    I would be so pleased if Gilly picks my name for this tiny treasure you have made.
    Love from sus

  2. Ohhh Suzanna, I would gladly send you some of the rain that's falling here right now (lots of it)

    (hi, hi, hi, what a splendid way to do the draw, hope Gilly can eat all the envelopes afterwards !)

  3. I read you all the time, from Woman with Wings's blog, but don't think I've commented. I feel a little cheeky commenting when you have a giveaway, but I do like that sweet little raindrop. Gilly will know best what to do.

  4. Hi Sus, Els, and Nanette! Thanks for being part of this...Gilly is saying that it is all a terrific plan but...kibble??? She reminds me that her tastes run more to...hmmm, perhaps chicken...maybe that exasperating squirrel that shakes his tail at her...yes, she says, let's revise the plan. Well, says I...we'll work this out somehow. Meanwhile, it's Mothers' enjoy the day, dear readers...stay centered ( that's advise to myself).

  5. nicely done, and gilly, well she's a cutie!

  6. Dear Sus, Els, Nanette and Velma...we're just about to have the drawing! Gilly is getting ready...I'll be back soon with news of the winner...