Thursday, May 1, 2014

Getting Ready

Hello everyone.  Because one of the key ingredients for the Giveaway, which I mentioned quite a while ago, has gone missing, I've been inspired to create some order around here, in the hopes that the missing element will come out of hiding.  This has become fun, partly because of the discoveries...
I love these little envelopes:

Then, the button family in their new digs:

In other news, we are having a heatwave and this embroidery is the result.

Lastly, and perhaps most exciting of all, Gilly is going for her first beauty treatment.  Well, hopefully she won't look too different, but what with the hot weather, it seemed a good time to have a bit of "professional" grooming, so this is her "before" picture.
She went for her annual checkup and shots etc. and while she is in very good shape, it turns out that it would be better if there were a little less of her, so now she's on a diet.

OK, that's it, stay tuned for the should be soon!


  1. We are excited to see 'after' Gilly!
    Love from sus and Flossy in Denver at the moment

    1. Hi Sus...she is home from her appointment now, and I will post soon! I think she is pleased! xoxo, S.

  2. I love finding little things that have gone missing. :) Glad Gilly had a good visit.

  3. I always feels like a triumph when I find a lost something...and then there are all the surprises along the way, and especially that the side product is a more order (hopefully).

  4. What a beautiful necklace, congrats to the lucky winner. And I love the little packets of extra buttons. Your embroidery of the horses is wonderful too! What a treat to visit your blog!