Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My life as a happy factory

Hello everyone...I've been busy continuing to make brooches for a sale on Saturday.  Here are a few examples:

That one is Prairie Star.  The next is Fish Bowl, an interpretation of a design on a wonderful Japanese bowl being displayed up the street:

When I go back east, I'm always amazed by the cardinals:

Above is Standing Cardinal, followed by Flying Cardinal:
They're all about 2.5 inches in diameter and have flannel backing under a pin.  I've been very much enjoying the making...

And now for the real birds...the Cedar Waxwings that come along to finish off the persimmons...they have a tiny bit of red on the wings but weren't keen on me photographing it:

And here's Gilly, age 11 months.  She's been doing very well in her training classes, and now we're having to work on her skills around the house.  When she has complete freedom, little puddles appear, so restrictions come into being.  It's hard to enforce, because I identify too dearly with her desire to wander out of sight.  But I reached my limit and she is cheerful about the new plan. We work together on it and it does seem to be getting better.

Lastly, in case you are as fond of donkeys as I am, here is a link to part of Ramsey's story.  He is a baby donkey in New York State who has had life threatening hoof problems, which are gradually getting better...

That's all for now...


  1. Fascinating story on the donkey link. Thanks Suzanna.
    Gilly looks so confident and grown up now, I'm sure she'll cope with basic house rules!

    1. Hi Elizabeth...glad you enjoyed Ramsey's story...I never before realized how many problems can arise. I wonder how wild donkeys manage?

  2. suzanna! your brooches are marvelous!

    1. Hi Joe...thank you! It's really good to hear from you...

  3. S...just beautiful cardinal...i miss them here.
    and GO LOOOOOOK! at Martine's blog
    at her sister's felted work...you will LOVE it
    it is just MAGIC.
    love, g

    1. Hi Grace...it is beautiful felted work...a story...I think it is you!