Sunday, July 1, 2012

This has been...

quite a month!  The washer/dryer (one unit) died.  Because space is very limited here, all sorts of adjustments have to be made for something that will work better.  Slowly the project comes together, needing only some more electricity (Tues.) and then INSTALLATION! I will be very happy to not have to go to the Laudromat.  Then the computer died, but that project is  almost completely fixed.  And then poor Edgar, my beautiful white dove, became very sick.  He might not make it, but in hopes that he will I've started a felt cloth:

Then here's "Nursing the bird with a broken wing" (he doesn't have a broken wing, but he's quite lame and can't walk, let alone fly...)

This one's name is "I wish I hadn't said that":

And lastly,  "Connection with a will-o-the-wisp"

They're all projects I've started...apologies for the crummy photos but improving them is for the future.

This year I've been growing kale and a wonderful North Carolina dear friend Catharine sent me 2 seeds and look! They're growing in something called an Earth Box, a gift from my son and his family last year.

Also some lettuce:

and here is dear Gilly, on her 6 month birthday! (today)  We are both learning so much in Manners Class.  We go over and over the basic concepts...building trust and staying in harmony/love with each other. 

Well, that's sort of a catch up.  Love to you all and best wishes over Independence Day. 


  1. Dear Suzanna, all my love to you and Edgar.I hope he pulls through, such a beautiful bird!

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth for your good wishes. He's still struggling with the infection, but having a hard time being sick, poor guy. Tomorrow we'll see the doctor...

  2. Hope Edgar made it... And an ear rub for Gilly. How big will she get?

    1. Hi Deb...alas, poor Edgar...he didn't make it. It was a sad week. Thank you for your good thoughts for him.

      I don't think Gilly will get too much bigger. She's pretty small and in some ways looks rather mature, but is definitely still a goofy little puppy!