Sunday, March 20, 2011

Newts, hail and full moon

Hello everyone.  Four of my pictures have been accepted in a local show!  So I've been preparing them...this involves printing on silk, fringing the silk and then sewing it onto a felted background.  I decided to wait until the show actually happens (early in April), to make a posting of the actual images.  So until then, here is the sign from the park where the road is closed for newts:

We have been having a great deal of rain.  Friday evening there was a loud, flashy thunderstorm that must have been right over was quite noisy.  Later I looked out to check on the doves and lo and behold the ground was white...not with snow, but HAIL! 

It was still on the ground the next afternoon:

and here, completing my report of mysterious events,  is the very nearly full moon:


  1. Thankyou for the newt notice! So good to see they are being looked after.
    That is a beautiful moon. It's a spring moon for you - I went out to watch the very same moon and it was the autumn moon for me.

  2. Congratulations on getting so many pieces into that show! Well done you.
    Strange things happening in your neck of the woods under a beautiful full moon.

  3. Elizabeth, what a moon it has hardly seems possible that spring can be here; we've had such unsettled weather lately. It continuously amazes me that the same moon heralds the opposite season down's a good balance, making me glad the world is round!

  4. Hi Penny...yes, I was so surprised that even one was accepted...I'm glad to have this work of preparation to do right now. Good to hear from you.