Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hello everyone.  Well, it's a new reality now, a new world.  I'm trying to cultivate and nourish my awareness of little Agnes as a spirit now.  It's difficult because I miss her form so much.  Still, there is definitely a sense of her about.

I've been stitching on my grandson's quilt, and here's a bit of that:

Went for a walk in the big park...lots of moss and drippy wetness:
And a close-up:

Next a little newt crawled by.  In the spring the Rangers close a road up here so the newts can travel undisturbed.

And then, I visited the Little Farm where the happy pig slept.  I think she was dreaming of her babies who were under the heat lamp.
The world is full of amazing things.  That's all for now...


  1. such a happy pig, it's so good to see them in what appears to be an open environment instead of a small cage.
    Liam's quilt is coming along just fine. and mourning for a loved doggie takes it's own time, so take it easy. k.

  2. Kaite, yes a good happy barnyard...I love to visit there...the sounds, the smells. Also yes, this mourning does take still stunned. Thank you Kaite.

  3. Suzanne...thinking of you and your little Agnes. I'm not surprised you are still shocked and stunned.....take your time.
    I am very impressed that they close roads there to allow the newts to pass over safely.

  4. Liam's quilt is looking good. was just noticing today what a lush green takes over when spring starts sprouting. and it is sprouting all over her-beautiful redbud trees in bloom as well. all that moss brought up that thought. the color green just touches my heart. you and Agnes have been in my thoughts.

  5. Hi Penny...yes, there doesn't seem to be any hastening of all these sensations of loss. It feels very good to be out in nature lately. Thanks for stopping by...

  6. suzanna...thank you so much for this newt...
    similar beings in Michigan where i was a child.
    i love them, their soft cool lightness.
    and the drippy scenes...i think it's this way
    too way up in N. Cal? i watch the Accuweather
    for Chico and it's been raining, so am thinking there is greeeeeeeen things...but these photographs DO help me get a feeling for
    that world.
    the quilt...yes. these quilts.
    i don't really know of course, and don't NEED
    to, but just from my own experience, it seems
    to take some animal souls a very long time to
    dis Engage. i still hear my Fiona guinea hen
    out there and it's been over a year.
    Love to you,

  7. Hi Grace...hmmm, that last thought seems to apply very well here. As for the newt...I'm not sure they are everywhere in CA, and I know there are other lizards...the very quick sort that look dry and scurry away when disturbed. This newt was very stately. Chico is more inland. CA is full of different climates. We've almost all been having a nice wet winter. When it's green, it's very very green...then in summer it's dry and brown, beautiful in its own way.

  8. well...i have become fond of dry and brown.
    green, that will be new. but i look at the
    real estate pics and there are mountain oak
    and some beautiful meadow grasses there.
    there is enough flowing water there to
    support newts and salamanders along those
    waterways. lots of places speak of seasonal
    ponds too...which mean

  9. Yes Grace, you will find plenty of wildlife here. I found that CA turned out to be completely different from what I expected and it took me quite a while to adjust, because I was so young and didn't understand what a hindrance it is to expect things to be a certain way. I imagine it is very different from NM in certain ways, but it is still the Wild West and every day is a surprise. My experience lately is that there are amazing people here to help with that...expecially the surprises that aren't so much fun.

  10. love the mama pig, looks so content dreaming of her babies!

  11. Hi Herm...nice to hear from you...I had never seen a pig so smiley while asleep!

  12. I'm glad there is a place in the world where a road can be closed forsuch tiny creatures. Have you been there when they cross?

  13. Actually, no, I haven't, I've just taken note that the road is closed. Thanks've given me the thought that I should investigate this further, maybe today...

  14. Deanna, thank you so much for your thoughts...time is helping...

  15. Glad you are back.<3
    That looks like a fun quilt for your grandson.
    Wishing you much peace.

  16. Thank you Marie...I'm glad to be here. The quilt is progressing slowly, but surely...a good project for now...

  17. Thank you for sharing some of your amazing things...