Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting Ready

In preparation for Groundhog Day, which is coming right up on Wednesday...2/2/11...I thought I would spend some time contemplating my shadow.  I love this holiday because it affords us this possibility.  It need not be ONLY the groundhog who sees or doesn't see his shadow.
  The handyman at the church on the corner painted the yellow lines so people would stop tripping over the curb there...the yellow of the paint made the shadow look very violet in the late afternoon sun...alas this doesn't show in the photo.  Nevertheless.  This is a depiction of my shadow picking up signals from all over.  I am often incorrect in my interpretation of these signals.  Ha!  I can blame it on my shadow!

This is a little weaving (the white part) I made in Jude's boro class to put in a window, or maybe on a tree:

C'est tout pour maintenant!  


  1. Love the idea of groundhog day but we don't celebrate it in UK.xxLove the weaving.xlynda

  2. Hi Lynda...thanks for stopping by! I think groundhog day is mostly celebrated in Pennsylvania (I'm in California) but it appeals to me as something of a little holiday...