Thursday, January 27, 2011

Farewell January

Where has January gone?  It was a good month and still a bit of it remains, so here is some proof that I'm still day at the dog park, this appeared:

Jude's Boro class has us excited and busy, working hard and making progress (as above)...I'm working on a quilt for is the start of my first project for class:

At the same time, I'm still working on more felted trivets, which soon will appear in the shop:

and, inspired by ducks at the dog park:

A tribute to January, called Merry Cherry January:
 Finally, in preparation for the Year of the Rabbit:

That's all for now!


  1. Suzanna, your felted pieces are só beautiful, are they needle felted ?? And I think they are quite small ....
    (don't know if i asked you that before, sorry)
    Your grandson will be delighted I think, with a quilt of his own., although he still has to wait a bit .....

  2. Hi Els...thank you! These are all 7" square...