Wednesday, December 8, 2010


There has been a bit of blueness here, but it is moving on. Here's Alex with his lap-robe.  I think he liked it.  That's Agnes' tail in the foreground.

After Thanksgiving I sat on the couch for 3 days and made bee earrings...

worked on some patches for Liam's quilt (the velvet in the background is from Diane Cransac,

inspired by Jude's methods, started a penguin for Liam's quilt:
and wrapped some gifts.  Last weekend I went to a pottery sale and watched a friend wrap pots in newspaper upon which her husband had been practicing calligraphy.  A lightbulb went off in my head and I thought rather than buying more paper, I would wrap gifts with newpaper embellished with seasonal poems, like this:

I know that the calligraphy has a way to go, but still....!
That's all for now...


  1. love the quilt. looks like he dressed appropriately in blue for the occasion.

  2. Deanna...yes, and his eyes are blue too...

  3. Oh Suzanne ...I'm sure he loved it and the thoughtful hands that made it for him.
    Your penguin looks like he has happy feet!
    Love that piece of velvet behind your nice little squares.

  4. Hi Penny...I'm having fun with the penguin...he's little out of control, but it's that time of makes sense somehow...

  5. Alex's quilt is wonderful. I look forward to seeing more of the Penguin...a great beginning.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog, always good to hear from you :)

  6. Thanks Mo'a, and thank you for stopping by...

  7. I love your wrapping paper idea! I haven't bought paper for years, always try to come up with some recycled version. I'll have to try this out too.

    Your penguin made me smile. The row of buttons are a perfect detail.

  8. Hi Deb, thank you! The holidays have become a lot quieter lately and I feel it's easier to be thoughtful about them. I'm a little nervous about the penguins face, but that's coming up next...

  9. "that's all for now"...well, that's a LOT!
    ...a good life...

  10. Hi Grace...yes...full! I'm really glad you stopped and all my blogging friends lend so much to the fullness...

  11. hi suzanna! i think i found a fix for commenting in embedded posts, so i came here first to try it out... (fingers crossed)

    the farmcloth is beautiful. love that little penguin's dress shirt and what a great idea for wrapping!

    okay much love

  12. Hi twhIch aye! If it works, let me know how you did it, OK? Thanks for coming by...

  13. yay! oh i'm so happy! :) it was so hard remembering who i could comment on and who i couldn't.

    it has to do with accepting third party cookies. i don't tick that box in the privacy preferences of my browser (firefox). so i think the script must utilize them for some reason. (i'll have to look into that more later.)

    so now i will accept them when i'm on blogs with this feature. and turn it off when i'm just surfing...

  14. I like your wrapping paper! Great idea, and your calligraphy is just right.

  15. Heather, thank you...I appreciate your stopping by!