Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wild creatures and the farm cloth

While strolling through the park one day, I photographed this duck because he looked so funny and squat.

Then this fellow and I startled one another at a curve in the path...he bounded off and we considered each other at a safer distance...

I'm making the farm cloth for my farm friends and this week I added their house and began to applique their pictures on...

Alex, upper left, is 96 now.  This week his older sister Louise died.  She was a very dear friend.  Although she was 98, good-byes are hard.  The family is gathering now for the memorial...

These fish are appliqued to the bottom of the farm cloth.  Alex has fought hard for California farmers water rights.


  1. What a thoughtful, beautiful tribute to your friends! I believe we tap into magic when we
    create something with a full heart. And I love your deer-ish friend...ours here in Va don't have those lovely curvy horns. Is it a deer?

  2. I have accidentally clicked the wrong thing and Patty's comment disappeared, so I copied it from the e-mail and here it is. The link to her blog, which would have appeared here, had I not been such a space cadet and clicked wrongly, is:

    Thanks Patty for is a deer...I think a young one...he was with another one that had more points on his antlers...

  3. Great shots Susanna. I still can't believe my eyes when I see deer gently walking around our house. Gillyx

  4. Thanks Gilly...I have to drive a ways to see the deer...I would love it if they walked around my house...