Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chair restoration and a Cowgirl

Last year I found this wonderful chair at a yard sale.  $5!  I love to sit in it out back to sew or draw or read, but the paint has been steadily chipping off, so I decided to fix it up a little with some plain old string and Elmer's glue, then some paint to hold the whole thing together.  My neighbor, Emily, helped me take it to the do-it-yourself car wash and we power-sprayed it to strip it even further, and now I'm in the process of painting it.  The primer coat on the bottom is half-way done in the middle photo.  Work was called off due to the heat wave we've had, but SOON the dear old chair will be looking lovely.  That's a re-working of a square for Liam's quilt in the seat.

Lastly, here is a piece I made last year that might be in a local show.  It's called "Cowgirl's got a Bunion", and it's somewhat autobiographical.


  1. a perfect cushion and i like your little autobiography!

  2. Hi Jude...thanks! We have finally a cool day here, so perhaps I can finish the chair project. Of course the car needs a repair too which adds a wrinkle to the day...

  3. I love the idea of a chair in a car wash :)
    I love your cowgirl cloth, did you dye it yourself?

  4. Hi Sandra...well, I made the cloth before I started learning about home-dyeing and so the border is a bought-cloth from the local quilting has a slightly shiny surface in patches, which made it kind of hard to stitch into...I'd design it differently now, but it was a good experiment for then. The car wash idea came from a clerk in the hardware store...I had thought a wire brush would take off the old paint, but he recommended the car wash...even after doing that, old paint chips off, but I'm hoping the new paint will stabilize the situation! Thanks, Sandra!