Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Visit

Here is the 10 year anniversary pillow that will arrive in time for my son and daughter-in-law's 11th anniversary.  And hopefully I will arrive there just about the same time.  The design was for their wedding.  Now there are 2 boys in the household also. I can hardly wait to see them all.  I'm taking lots of cloths to work on en route. Today is the 4th of July; I hear the fireworks, but am staying home.


  1. Hi! First I created the design on the computer, then I made a linoleum cut...that was for the invitations...then for this, I cleaned the design up a little on the computer and printed it on silk, then emphasized the pattern with wee stitches. Don't know how well the ink will stand up in the wash, but since then have found a better way to print on

  2. and i just noticed your shop!

  3. lovely design.
    I always try to have something
    with me to read or stitch...
    Have a wonderful visit <3

  4. Hi Jude! Thank you! I hope the shop looks ok to other computers...when I work on it, it turns out it has a "maintenance mode" that doesn't show anything, but on my computer it looks ok. It is a learning experience.