Sunday, July 11, 2010

Having traversed the continent...

Each year, I try to pack more sensibly.  This is my luggage in the train station, waiting for the train.

This is the menu.  The food is good and included in the price of the total trip (if you travel in a sleeping car)
Here is my tiny room...all set up for stitching work!
  My great great grandmother...her image printed on silk, being stitched down. 


  1. Oh! I envy you! No meals to make and a small place to sew. Hey, this is worth the price of
    the ticket alone!

    I use photo transfer in my work lots. I wonder
    what your ancesters would have thought of what
    you're making with their image? I'll keep watch

  2. Hi Patty, it's a terrific way to travel, yes, and I am more ok about my 'carbon footprint' this way. I feel I'm getting to know my great great grandmother and wish she were still here, but in this way, she is...and will continue on..

  3. It seems it would be an adventure riding on the train across the country. A spot to sew and food to eat...perfect! Have a fun, safe trip.

  4. Oh this looks like fun! I'm thinking about a short train trip...just to the next city. Really think I'm going to need to.

  5. It is the best way to travel Deb. I arrive home (just a little while ago) feeling so eyes are so full of beautiful scenes.

  6. suzanna..i wish i'd known and i would have
    jumped up and down so you could see me!
    i love that the two Greats took the road/rail
    trip with you...that is a wonderful pic of
    your little room...
    welcome back!

  7. Thanks is good to be tiny house feels like a mansion since being in my even tinier room on the train. Home sounds are so nice too.