Monday, June 7, 2010

A small hanging and a visitor

This is a very small hanging...8 inches square, that I created to show in our library.  They used to have an annual big-quilt show but space became a factor, so they turned it into a mini-quilt show.  Mine is called "Romance at the dog park" and uses hand-dyed fabrics.  I made it several months ago, during Glennis' Shibori workshop, and before Jude's Cloth to Cloth workshop, where I have learned skills that will enhance this sort of cloth in the future.

Lately, when I sit outside to sew, a hummingbird instantly appears and I have been thinking, Oh how nice to be appreciated by a hummingbird.  Several times the little bird seemed to be acting a little less friendly and perhaps even a bit aggressive, but Oh well, I thought, it's still nice to be appreciated by nature in this way.  Then, today, as I got up to leave, my eye was drawn to a patch of green in the apple tree, and what did I see but her nest...with her in it.  Can you see her eye and her tiny beak pointing skyward?  The nest is miniscule and has lichens decorating it!  I think she was saying "Hello and keep your distance."

AND, I'm starting to create a shop!  You'll see it on the sidebar.  Feedback is welcome, as I have limited experience with this sort of thing.


  1. oh a shop! ha!
    i like how you used the shibori in this little piece.

  2. Hi Jude...thanks! It's all a big adventure.

  3. I think that is a really good idea - not that I have a shop, but I'd be very happy to visit yours.
    How exciting!

  4. Thanks's over there in the side-bar...not fully functional yet, but beginning to be.

  5. Love the beautiful mini quit and the shop is a grand idea ..... and how did you ever spot the hummingbird nest ... I understand they are sooo tiny and well disguised they are almost impossible to site .... wonderful .....

  6. It's really hard to see, but when I go outside and start looking in the tree, the hummingbird gets nervous about me being there I think and comes over to sit on the nest. If it's already on the nest, unless by chance I look in the exact right spot, it's very hard to pick out from surroundings.

  7. suzanna, you have captured PERFECTLY that
    electrifying moment of often
    i have seen this...not at a park, but in
    the middle of the road here....
    and your shop. well, i am a great great
    proponent of all of Us who create offering
    out to the world. This is really really

  8. Thank you so much Grace...I love to watch the interactions of creatures...and really appreciate your words of encouragement about the shop.

  9. Oh Suzanna, a hummingbird nestling in your garden, she has been weaving a nest while you were weaving fabric, isn't that lovely.
    When I was in Canada a humming bird almost flew against my head, I was thrilled!
    Love the way the sun shines in your mini quilt.

    And a shop, what a great idea, wish you lots of success!


  10. Thanks Sandra...those little hummingbirds are a treat and the nest is so close to my chair, as if we are sharing ideas, as in the class! Just a few more steps to go to make the shop operable and then I'll have to exercise patience to see what happens.

  11. Hi suzanne,

    I've mentioned your bees on my blog, hope people will find your shop.

  12. Sandra...thanks! I love the new format on your blog and the water lily story. Looking forward to seeing the piece your kitty was sitting on too.

  13. Hi Suzanna, thanks for vising my blog. I will miss cloth to cloth and all the cloth mates. I will be doing Patchwork Beasts, but that's not until July 15th. I was too late for Spiritcloth workshop. I do hope we all meet again.
    I love your blocks specially after stitching
    - Hugs Natima

  14. Natima, we will miss you...I think lots of us will post pictures on blogs of what we're working on, so you'll be able to see how things are going. I'm going to take Patchwork Beasts also and I'll look forward to being in class together again; you do very interesting work!