Friday, June 18, 2010

Catching up slowly

This is a close-up of progress on a portion of one cloth I've shown before and have been working on...the birds are indigo dyed cloth from Glennis...the cloth is woven from bits of fabric collected over the years
I started it in Jude Hill's cloth to cloth workshop; now I'm taking her Spirit Cloth workshop and today is the day to start something new for that.  It is all exactly what I need to learn and is keeping me Busy.  This cloth I decided to call "Texas", because 2 weekends ago I went to a family wedding in Texas!! My cousin is an amazing horsewoman and let me ride this beautiful horse:

She is leading us, thank goodness, and this doesn't show how fervently I am holding on to the saddle horn. 

Lastly, here is a photo of some wildness in the big park nearby. I love how, in spite of their differences, these plants are all getting along so nicely together.


  1. What a beautiful respite in my day to visit your art, your adventurousness and the loveliness of nature with you, Suzanne

  2. Diane, it is so good to hear from you...thanks!

  3. horses are so big when you get up there.... i have not been riding in years!

  4. It is so true! It's a wonderful feeling to be up there, but I was really nervous en route...somehow both legs cooperated in these unaccustomed exertions. Thank goodness...