Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Day 2 of return

Hello again!  Yesterday a neighbor told me about a new trail that had opened beside the bay.  It goes behind our racetrack and presents this view:

That's the Golden Gate Bridge way off in the distance.  Sometimes during the isolation of this pandemic I fall into thinking I need to go somewhere else, but no more.  It is easy to get to this trail, and there are beautiful benches just made for gazing and knitting.  Water lapping on the shore eases my agitations like nothing else and I am Grateful.

So, I've been inspired by an Australian ceramicist to experiment with porcelain.  I rented some space at my neighborhood gallery to make little porcelain shards.  The owner of the gallery, Robert Abrams, helped me get started and fired the pieces for me.  Due to the lockdown I'm back in my own studio now.  Here is one of the critters I made.  It is kind of a shelter in place self-portrait.

That's all for safe.  With love ~~ s.

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