Friday, March 28, 2014

Table runner and sheep

So I am hopeful that there will be two postings this month even though we are fast approaching April. Egad.  It has been a busy month with visiting family and lots of pondering.  There are certain kinds of pondering that I dearly love, but sometimes it's just a big swamp.  Perhaps I won't say any more about that and instead show you the full view of the table runner that I made for my dear daughter-in-law's fortieth birthday last year.  A close up of one bird appears here.  Because the cloth is for the table, half of the birds are upside down so that the people on the other side of the table will see them right side up.  Was this a good idea?  Not sure.  Anyway, here are both views:

Also there was a trip up the coast to Sea Ranch with two good friends from high school.  Sea Ranch has a herd of sheep that are moved about to help reduce the fire hazard of uncropped grasses.  Here are a few concluding their siesta time under the big trees:

Okay, next posting will be a glimpse at a current project and perhaps a sighting of Gilly in her March toward April...

but that's all for now.  xoxo

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