Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wardrobe work!

Hello everyone.  My bathrobe has needed help for quite a while.  First I thought Replacement...but I'm so fond of it.  Then I asked myself what is its worst feature and could I fix it.  The answer...sleeves! and yes... are the sleeve ends which I cut off:

And here is the improved version:

To do this I deconstructed an old nightie that also needed help...the rest of it is going to become a summer skirt eventually, maybe soon!  Jude's classes have definitely helped me become braver about this sort of thing; my classmates have all been inspirational, particularly Deb and Grace. Thank you!

Next, sigh.  The little hummingbird from my last post has gone away...she was sitting on her beautiful little nest, but the neighborhood crow ended that happy story.  Not that there is just one crow...there are many, many.  This happened last year also...the squirrels and the crows are very dominant here.

Here is another trivet/prayer mat,  "bee star":
It's one of several prayers for the underdog, for example, that the hummingbird might evolve to not so easily attract the crow.  I just finished reading River of Doubt by Candice Millard, about Theodore Roosevelt's harrowing adventures in the Amazonian type jungle, and how life in the jungle there evolved.  So, it's easy to see how a crow can find a hummingbird nest...I wish mother nature could assist the hummingbird a little more here.  Seems like I should be able to help. 

That's all for now!


  1. i love what you did with your bathrobe. i have a chenille robe that needs repair. you've inspired me to do it before winter comes. i've got plenty of time until winter comes so i should be able to do it.

  2. Hi Deanna...I'm pleased with it too, and the best part was it didn't take long at all, once I had the plan in mind, and it was very satisfying to chop off the ends of those sleeves!

  3. suzanna...thank you for the mention...
    and i see sleeve work supreme!
    i love your thinking about hummingbird..
    "prayers for the underdog"
    watching the little hb's here, coming diligently every day in hope of something

  4. Hello neighbor told me yesterday that the hummingbirds purposefully build their nests near people...this one was right above my chair...I only wish I could have been more protective. While neighbor and I were having our conversation, she said, "Oh look!" From her higher vantage point she could see a hawk, a hawk smaller than the crow, going after the crow. Perhaps a form of backyard justice is developing...

  5. Your welcome! :) It's really fun to tweak things like that I think. I have a shirt that I want to take the sleeves off of too.

  6. Hi Deb...this is all a lot of fun...I still have to fix up the bottom of this robe and then I want to tackle re-doing a big shirt from the good will...there is a plan in my mind, and now that I've said it, I'll have to do it!

  7. Hi Suzanna! I'm still immersed in house repairs, but had to stop by to see you. Your new cuffs are very pretty, and I love all your needle-felted trivets. The colors are so rich and yet soft at the same time. I hope you are not as hot as we are in Texas. And I hope you are busy creating something wonderful this very minute! xo Kari

  8. Kari!! So good to hear from you...well, we're having some nice's just about the right temperature. Seems like all week I've been doing paperwork and little details of running hither and yon...I think soon I'll be able to sit down to make something. Those house repairs are endless, aren't they...I hope you'll soon be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...

  9. Hi Suzanna! This is Nancy from Jude's world! So nice to come across this post tonight, way after it was posted! I was just thinking today about an old blue chenille bathrobe that I think is in the closet. I was wondering if I should cut into it to use on my cloth for MD.
    Earlier I was sitting out back stitching and counted 16 crows flying overhead, making me think they were going home at dusk. Then about half that many finches flew over and landed in my neighbors walnut tree (I believe)...I could hear them chirp chirp chirping as I sat with cloth and cool breezes. Ahhh...

  10. Hi Nancy! Now I can report that I've added fabric 'wrap' to the hem of my's looking better all the time. I haven't been very successful at attracting the finches to my backyard...I see one out front in the afternoon...maybe they don't mix well with the brown towhees which always many questions!