Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Snowing down south

That was the code phrase for telling someone their slip was showing...back in junior high when we wore slips and petticoats and they weren't supposed to show.  Well, here is Mt. Tamalpais kind of "snowing down south"!

I've been busy on the farm cloth but it's not ready to make an appearance, so instead...Here's the progress on the naughty squirrel cloth:

  The naughty squirrel and family, along with the raccoons and other critters, are presently working on the persimmons, but so am I!...This is the pulp, after it's been osterized and made the gurgle, plop sound:

And here's the jam. Easy to make...4 cups pulp plus 4 cups sugar, simmer (not boil) for 20 minutes.  It's excellent with yogurt and millions of other things.

And here, as I realize I've digressed from the original subject of this posting, is the last redbud leaf on friend Pat's tree:


  1. our your naughty squirrel is becomming so lovely. Are persimmons the same as dates?

  2. slips.
    just the other day i thought of slips.
    i used to collect them from the thrift shops.
    wear them around the house as "house dresses".
    my friend just wore them as dresses. this
    of course was the late 60's, early 70's. am
    looking backward and "her", that "other me"
    AGAIN, the Nurse Cards are just totally the
    very very BEST!!!!! so glad you had that idea!

  3. Hi Sandra! Persimmons are bigger than dates...there are several different kinds of persimmons...mine have to be very ripe to taste good, otherwise they're quite bitter. Also, they have tiny seeds instead of a large seed like a date. But, there is a way of drying persimmons, which I haven't tried yet, which makes them shrivel up in a soft way, and then they taste a bit like dates!

  4. Hi Grace! I'm really really glad you like the nurse cards! I recently went into a store nearby called Lacis where they sell all kinds of embroidery, lace etc. supplies. Being a museum, they also have petticoats of every variety. I have lots of wonderings about those days too. It felt good to go outside for a swift return to the present.

  5. Hi Penny...yes, the color of persimmons definitely prompts this!

  6. Yum...your persimmon jam looks wonderful!

  7. Oh, it is Very Tasty, Deb! I wish the internet permitted us to share tastes as well as pictures...I love this recipe because it's so easy.