Saturday, August 28, 2010

What, more nurses??

Yes, a couple more, at least for now.  This first one is the Queen of the Nice Nurses.  I'm working a little bit with faces, thinking how important they are, and how changeable, like the seasons.

And this one is called " 'You'd make my job a whole lot easier if you'd take your meds." nurse'.  I'm not sure how to punctuate that.  I was working on this in my doctor's waiting room and someone asked me about it, so in the course of the conversation, I mentioned the title...a couple of the patients looked a little alarmed, or embarrassed, but the woman who'd asked about it, I think she was a caretaker herself,  nodded her head.  It's not completed yet and includes some hand-dyed fabric from Heike's shop.


  1. your nurse series is quite fetching.

  2. suzanna...jeez. you are really amazing with
    these nurses. i think sometimes i would be
    the you'd make job a whole lot easier type.
    i don't actually do nursie things anymore but
    do care for two elders and i am SURE that
    at different moments i look exactly this way.
    and funny, that particular person i refer to
    as The Old Cowboy.
    and the other new one, I know too!..when i
    had my daughter, i was ready to go home
    immediately. yet was afraid to "do the deed"
    which was the prerequisite for discharge.
    i was afraid all my insides might come out
    along with my proof that all systems were
    functioning. So i was arguing with everyone,
    wanting to sign out AMA and in came this
    EXACT nurse you have created, saying "I am
    your angel of mercy. drink this, wait a
    few minutes, do what you need to and then you
    can go home"...all this in the most beautiful
    Jamaican accent...and her "cocktail
    worked. I was out of there within the hour.

    i love your nurses.

  3. I really like that you are exploring nurses...

  4. dear grace, you are reminding me of my experience after my son was born!! You put it so well...I've not thought of that for a long time. Oh my goodness. Thank you.

  5. Hi is an interesting exploration...that's the right word...without a plan or map...kind of trying to imagine what it would be like to be one.

    I apologize for these out of order replies... blogger has its own idea where things should go and it doesn't make sense to me.

  6. Your Queen of the Nice Nurses is delightful...the fabrics are amazing. I am liking this series and their stories.

  7. Thank you Mo''s an interesting journey...

  8. I like the new face. Reminds me of Romaire Beardon's collages (spelling-sorry). Also, the
    way you combine hand dyed fabric with commercial. Well done! How odd, the word verification is seritab...very nursey!